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SpaceX and Bassnectar – A Love Story

Over spring break, a few of my pals and I got the incredible opportunity to see a SpaceX rocket launch in the distance as we danced to the booming music of Bassnectar at Okeechobee Music Festival 2020. It was really a once in a lifetime experience, and we would’ve completely missed it if a random person hadn’t shouted “Look!” right as the rocket came into view. As I looked up, I saw what initially seemed to be an explosion until I realized that it was the First stage booster rockets separating from the main Dragon spacecraft. The rocket needed the extra boosters in order to get the 4,300 pounds of experiments and supplies off the ground and out of the atmosphere.

All in all, this was a breathtaking feat to witness. I’ve always dreamt of seeing a real rocket in action and my dreams couldn’t have been more fulfilled. Next time, I want to be as close to the rocket as possible so as to fully appreciate the beauty of modern engineering.


4 thoughts on “SpaceX and Bassnectar – A Love Story

  1. Wow Alex this is neat! I was there with you when this happened and had a similar reaction. I did not realize until reading your blog that the supplies and experiments alone weighed so much! I wonder if there is a way for us to make it easier to launch things into space so that we do not need to use so much fuel for the initial stage. Hopefully space technology will keep advancing so that we can get past this barrier.

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    1. I’ve been looking into that exact question and I believe the answer is trebuchets. See, if we get a big enough trebuchet and a small enough rocket, I think we’ll have no problem flinging whatever we want into orbit. What do you think?

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  2. Great post Alex! Being there with you was definitely an unforgettable experience. I remember thinking before that these launches are often postponed due to weather conditions or other problems, so I shouldn’t get my hopes up about it happening. So when it did happen it was very surreal to watch. I looked up right as it separated into its second stage, and for the rest of the concert you could see the rocket continue off into the space. The coolest thing was that I could also see the re-entry of the boosters as they came back to earth and landed! Great spring break dude

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  3. I’m honestly envious of your experience! Do you know if this was a planned occurrence or just a coincidence? I would be most blown away by the re-entry of the boosters. Do you think you would ever want to take part in the SpaceX space program? And do you think that they will continue to be at the forefront of space exploration, or will someone else surpass them? So happy you got to enjoy this!


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